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It Works – Greens

This is an awesome product that I fully suggest for everyone! I drink it every day in a bottle of water and I also have my girls drink it every day!

Drinking one serving of Greens is like eating 8 servings of fruits and veggies, it has 30+ super foods in it and has probiotics for digestion health! This wonderful powder balances the ph levels in your body, detoxifies your body, builds up your immune system, alkalizes your body (which the flu virus doesn’t seem to like) as well as gives you energy!

When we planned to go to DE to visit some family after Christmas, I started giving Peanut (my oldest) a glass of “Special Juice” every day. That was 8ozs of V8 juice and a packet of The Greens. She loved it! Well, funny thing… my littlest one, my husband and myself all ended up getting super sick. Like the not knowing which way it would be coming, kind of sick. Not fun at all! Well, Peanut didn’t get sick at all!

When we got home I did some research about the flu and I found out that the flu virus can’t strive in an alkalized body, which is why they say to drink a LOT of grape juice because it will also alkalize your body. So, thanks to me giving her It Works Greens every day for the week before we went on our trip she didn’t get sick!


One of my Loyal Customers told me that she would drink a bottle of The Greens before every softball game that she had because it gave her great energy.

I personally feel like I could take on the world after drinking my Greens, and believe me sometimes you just need a boost like that when you are chasing two kids around the house all day!

There are a couple of choices for the Greens. You can get them in To Go Packs, Tubs and Chewables! They even come in multiple flavors! To get more information on The Greens, It Works or any of our other products please feel free to contact me!

Check out my site: faywraps.myitworks.com
Email: faywraps@gmail.com

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