Sunday Funday Breakfast

Every Sunday for breakfast I make the family French Toast. It’s the one day where we can sit and have an actual breakfast together. The only day during the week when we don’t have appointments, work or other activities.

I wanted to make it a little different this morning. So, why not add some sprinkles! Sprinkles make everything fun!

Well, I have to say it was a big hit when I put the plates down on the table in front of the girls! I got a big “SPRINKLES!!!” from both of them! I just love how they love the simple things. That something as simple as adding a little sprinkles to their french toast can totally put a smile on their little faces!

What a great start to the day/week! What kind of fun things do you do to switch ordinary every day things up a little for your kids?


It Works – Greens

This is an awesome product that I fully suggest for everyone! I drink it every day in a bottle of water and I also have my girls drink it every day!

Drinking one serving of Greens is like eating 8 servings of fruits and veggies, it has 30+ super foods in it and has probiotics for digestion health! This wonderful powder balances the ph levels in your body, detoxifies your body, builds up your immune system, alkalizes your body (which the flu virus doesn’t seem to like) as well as gives you energy!

When we planned to go to DE to visit some family after Christmas, I started giving Peanut (my oldest) a glass of “Special Juice” every day. That was 8ozs of V8 juice and a packet of The Greens. She loved it! Well, funny thing… my littlest one, my husband and myself all ended up getting super sick. Like the not knowing which way it would be coming, kind of sick. Not fun at all! Well, Peanut didn’t get sick at all!

When we got home I did some research about the flu and I found out that the flu virus can’t strive in an alkalized body, which is why they say to drink a LOT of grape juice because it will also alkalize your body. So, thanks to me giving her It Works Greens every day for the week before we went on our trip she didn’t get sick!


One of my Loyal Customers told me that she would drink a bottle of The Greens before every softball game that she had because it gave her great energy.

I personally feel like I could take on the world after drinking my Greens, and believe me sometimes you just need a boost like that when you are chasing two kids around the house all day!

There are a couple of choices for the Greens. You can get them in To Go Packs, Tubs and Chewables! They even come in multiple flavors! To get more information on The Greens, It Works or any of our other products please feel free to contact me!

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Fitness: 30 Day Squat Challenge

Most people don’t know but I was a HUGE workaholic. I’m not talking to sit in the office kind. I’m talking about the go to the Gym at 6am, work out for an hour, get ready for work. Then come home and take a run around the lake by my house to cool down from the day.

Yes, I was one of those pregnant Mamas at the Gym. I was seven months pregnant with Peanut (Our first child) when I had to stop going to the gym, and not by my will. Instead it was because of a very deep tissue muscle that I pulled in my butt. They tell you to do squats when you need to pick something up when your pregnant or you will hurt yourself. Well, I pulled the muscle while doing a squat to get something off the floor at work and let me tell you that pain was not fun.

I have been doing things here and there after I had Mush Butt (Our second child) but I haven’t really gotten back into the full swing of things. But now that I am an It Works Distributor, I feel way more motivated to get back into the swing of things!

So, to start it off right I looked for some 30 Day Challenges on Pinterest. I found a few good ones and decided to start with the 30 Day Squat Challenge! I’ve never really been into squats but I thought it was a good place to start. I can do these while the kids are running around the house. hehehe Plus, I will be in a wedding in less then a month and want to look my best. I’ll probably look for an Arm one next so that I can have some nice looking biceps for the photos! Ha! Anything to keep you motivated right! 🙂

Anyways…. I started the first day of the Squat Challenge and I’m pretty happy that I started to feel the burn about half way through it… so, I think I might be able to handle it. The last day kind of scared me, I wont lie.

For anyone that might want to check out the Challenge I am including it in this post for you.


It Works – Distributor

Recently I have decided to become a Distributor for It Works Global. I have been using their products for about 6 months now and I just love them! My friend Diane, from high school, has talked to me a couple of times about being a Distributor with her. She talked about how awesome the company is (I already knew how awesome the products were!) and how you can really make a lot of extra money with it.
I went to a It Works Global Tour in Huntington Beach on Saturday…. and I will admit I was thinking about not going, and I was just floored by all of the real people that were sharing their stories with everyone! How they changed their lives around completely with this company.

So, I had decided to change the lives of my family as well as anyone that wants to try one of those Crazy Wrap Things! We don’t need the extra money, my husband makes enough to allow me to be a stay at home Mom. But I wanted to be able to contribute to our income as well as help save for our retirement!

I will be sharing my journey with It Works on here as well as the products that they offer as well! Don’t worry I wont flood your inbox with it. But I will put it out there once or twice a month. 🙂

Please feel free to check out the products if you are interested in seeing what it’s all about!

The Importance of Gauge When Crocheting.

To be honest I never really paid attention to gauge when I crocheted, but back then I was just making a lot of afghans. With those you can kind of fudge a lot of things. But once I started venturing into other things like hats and scarfs I realized that gauge is really important.

Not everyone works up their projects with the same tightness so you might find that you crochet a lot tighter or looser then the designer. It’s pretty easy to figure that out. Almost every pattern that I have worked up (unless it really doesn’t matter about gauge) has some sort of way to see if you are working up the project the same way. I highly suggest making a swatch before EVERY project.

Some designers state the letter for the hook that they used while some use the mm size of the hook. I have noticed that between different brands of hooks the size could be a little off. I use both Susan Boyle and Bates hooks (even though I do prefer my Susan Bates ones) and the same letter hook has a different mm size to it. So, always check that before you start working.

It’s pretty easy to adjust your gauge if it doesn’t match what the designer says in the pattern. It you have more stitches in the length then what the designer has stated (ex: Designer says 10 sc in 4 inches and you have 12 sc in 4 inches) then you just need to move up to the next size hook. Start the swatch over again and see if that matches better.
If you work up a swatch your swatch has less stitches in the length that the designer stated (ex: Designer says 10 sc in 4 inches and you have 8 sc in 4 inches) then you just need to try moving down to the next smaller hook size and rework the swatch again.

Very rarely have I ever had to move more then one hook size either way.
Below is a picture of two hat bases, the right one was made with the size hook stated in the pattern without a gauge swatch…. the left was made with one hook size smaller. After I made the swatch I saw that I  had less stitches then the pattern designer. So, you can see how important it is to make sure the gauge is right… the first hat would have been WAY tooo big! You could actually fit the left hat into the one on the right!


Felt Tetris Board

So, I am a huge geek that still loves everything from my childhood. That could be why my girls watch My Little Pony (even though I like the way they used to look better), Care Bears and Smurfs. But that is not were my geeky side ends, that is why I started working on my newest project. Peanut (my oldest) already knows all over her colors and shapes but Mushy (my littlest) doesn’t know them yet. So, I wanted to make them something new to play with that will challenge both of them…. FELT TETRIS! It can help Mushy learn her colors and shapes while Peanut works on her puzzle skills (which she happens to LOVE).

First I started with a bunch of felt. I picked black for the general shape of the game. I kept it the regular size that the felt sheets come in. I then picked a couple of fun bright colors to make the shapes in. There are five shapes so I picked the colors Yellow, Green, Red, Blue & Orange.

Once you have all of the colors picked out it’s time to start measuring for the different pieces. To make it easier for me to figure out, I used a 1 inch square to build the five different shapes. I cut them out of paper first so that I could have a good pattern before making the shapes out of the felt.


I wasn’t sure how  many of each shape I should cut out of the felt but I thought that 8 pieces for each of the colors/shapes would be a good amount to give both kids a choice of what to use. You can always cut more if you feel you need more.

After I had everything all cut out I set up the boards on the table and let the girls try it out… I have to say it was a success! Peanut just loves to work with the shapes and fit them all together. She even figure out how to use the shapes to cover the whole board without any of them sticking off the edge! I love how the felt sticks to itself and also separates when it’s time to take apart and start over.

photo3 photo

The girls both give this project a thumbs up!