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All about this Mom trying not to be a hot mess:

Hello everyone! My name is Robin and I am a full-time Wife, Mommy to three wonderful girls and I am a Crafter! It can be tough trying to balance all of these rolls everyday, but some how I manage.

I am originally from the Western New York area. I moved to Pittsburgh, PA when I was 18 to work on my Graphic Design degree at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Shortly after I graduated, I moved to a little town called Bloomingdale, NJ to work for McFarlane Toys. This is where I met my husband, he was one of their Sculptors. We started working for McFarlane Toys around the same time, but we didn’t start dating until years later. After we had our first daughter and got married we moved to beautiful Irvine, CA so my husband could work for Blizzard Entertainment (I was 8 months pregnant with our second child). This move has allowed me to put my career as a graphic designer off to the side and be a full-time stay-at-home Mommy for both of our girls. Being a SAHM can have it’s challenges but it is also very rewarding. I love being able to watch and help my girls grow up to be the amazing children that they are becoming.

But lets face it, we all need something to do on our downtime, when we are stressed or just need a break from things. This is where my love of crafting comes into play. I started with my first ever craft that I learned from my Mom when I was around 10 years old…. crochet. From there I have expanded to sewing and I have been dabbling in knitting as well.

This is where my journey as a Crafting Mommy of Three begins so, why don’t you follow along!

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