Quarantining… a new normal.

Well, this year has definitely proved to be completely different then year that came before it. On the Eve of 2020, no one thought they would be told that they had to stay at home for the majority of the year, wearing masks when they leave the house or hunting for toilet paper like it was Carmen San Diego!

Our worlds, as we knew it, where turned upside down in March. We all had hopes that it wouldn’t last until the summer. Then summer came and went. Most playgrounds and pools were off limits for the kiddos due to the risk of contracting COVID-19. We hoped that when the kids started back at school, they would not have to go through the mess that was thrown at them at the end of the last school year.

Thankfully our school district gave the parents three choices for how we wanted our kids to learn this school year. Traditional, Hybrid (2 days in school and 3 days virtual) or full on Virtual. We chose to do Virtual for our TK student and Hybrid for our 3rd and 4th grader. This schedule worked best for our family. The start and stop times of the different schooling options that were chosen have made it possible for me to be able to help my kids if they do need help.

You’re probably wondering why I am allowing my kids go to school… well, we believe that our school has put forth amazing efforts to make sure that our kids are safe. They have smaller classes, desks spread apart with plastic walls put up around every desk, sanitation stations located all around the school. Face masks are required and they gave face shields out to the students as well. That way they can put them on when they are eating since you obviously can’t wear a mask while eating.

My kids are pretty comfortable with wearing face masks since we do take them out into public a couple of time a week. They know to wear masks properly at all times and wash their hands/sanitize whenever they can and they do too! Not on hand sanitizer station is passed without my kids using them.

I did get to take the kids to a playground when our county moved out of the Purple Tier back in September/October. My kids were masked up, and knew to be away from other kids that didn’t have their masks on and still being socially distanced while around other kids with masks. We also hand sanitized throughout the time that we were there. My kids were so excited to be able to play and just be kids again. It was so great to see them smiling with their eyes and giggling up a storm.

I started to do my oldest daughter’s Girl Scout meetings in person once we got the go ahead. The girls really enjoyed seeing each other, even know we still had to keep socially distanced. We have done 3 meetings in person now, but…

Our State Governor has placed use back into the Purple tier which means that a lot of things have to be canceled again. The schools will remain open but I had to switch my Girl Scout meetings back to virtual. I knew this was going to happen due to it being colder, but I was really hoping that it wouldn’t. I wanted the country to prove me wrong. Really crossing my fingers to get back out of this Purple Tier! I’d like to start turning my world back to the “old” way of doing things.

We are now just one month away from 2021…. lets see if we can pull our country together and make everything better. I’m not saying to cross your arms over your chest, nod your head and PooF… everything is better. I would just like to see people take things a little more seriously. Stop fighting against people and just stand together to over come this. My family would like to see their friends and relatives again.