Family Journal

So, my Aunt recently posted on Facebook about how she used to write in a journal when her kids were younger and how great it is to read through now that they are both in college.
I decided to take her advice on creating a journal for my family. They kids are constantly doing/saying amazing things that I will eventually not be able to remember.
This is such a great way to keep the memories around a little bit longer not only for me but for my kids when they get older too.
I feel that as parents we are always taking pictures, but since everything is digital now, most people don’t make things like scrapbooks/albums of family vacations and holidays.
So, this little journal will replace that little void and be a great keepsake for many years to come. I’ve already made three entries in it and can’t wait to add many more.
I highly suggest that everyone with kids does this! You will thank me later! 🙂


Toddler Shoe Tip

My kids are pretty independent when it comes to a lot of things. One thing that they really want to do on their own all the time is put on their shoes. Of course that means that there is a 50/50 chance that they will put them on the correct feet, most of the time that is not the case. So, I had to figure out a way to make it easier for them to tell which shoe went on the correct foot.

This is when I started with the stickers. Originally I was going to put a sticker in just the shoes that go on the right foot. But that could still lead to some confusion. So, I decided the best thing to do would be to cut the sticker in half and make it into a “puzzle”. My oldest loves doing puzzles so this worked perfectly! She no longer gets her shoes mixed up!

That’s a win for this Mommy! 🙂


Little Legwarmers

My oldest has been taking dance lessons for months now. She really loves it and is getting very into it. While she was in dance class this past week, I walked down to the dance store with my little one. I originally planned on buying her new tights since her original ones are getting a little yucky but instead we ended up buying her a new dance outfit. This one is not a traditional light pink like the one she has now. Instead if is dark purple with multicolored lace for the tutu. Of course she loves it! But that means that the pink legwarmers that I made for her original outfit just wont do anymore (like I need an excuse to make something new heheheh).

I’ve started a new pair for her this morning. The pattern that I am using is by A Crafty House. It’s a free crochet pattern that she has listed under the free pattern tab. The original leg warmers I made up myself but this time I wanted one with a ribbed top and I wanted them to be a little taller then I first made them.

So, far I have part of the band done but it’s coming a long well. I love the way the yarn looks so far. It’s Red Hearts Gumdrop in grape. What do you think?


Katniss Inspired Cowl

I just love the Hunger Game books and in turn the movies too! So, I just had to work up a super cute and cozy cowl that was inspired by the one that Katniss wore in the first movie. I found this easy pattern over at Cogaroo Crafts! This is a free crochet pattern that is made with Super Bulky yarn which makes this super fast to work up.

It’s written in three sections that you put all together. I was able to make the first part while I was watching an episode of Gold Rush. hehehe Just look at the beautiful Herringbone Texture!


Back at it… again!

Hello everyone! I am proud to say that I am back at it! This time I am hoping to be able to stick with my blog. Since the last time I posted I have made a lot of things that I wish that I could have shared with you all! So, from here on out I will be posted the new items that I have been working on! 🙂

I’ll catch everyone up with what we have all been up to! I have been crocheting, designing and working on teaching myself how to knit when I have free time. I am now the organizer of a mommy group here in Irvine so, I am very active in that. My oldest has been in dance for the past couple of months. She loves it, and is just super cute to watch dance around with her little friends. The little one has been getting so big, so fast! She is no longer my little baby and is fast approaching two! Crazy!
I have been working on a lot of things, both in real time and in my head. hehehe My desk is forever a huge mess of work-in-progresses with more waiting to be worked on. I am hoping to add a big to-do project to the list this weekend! My friend Loren (from Pandora’s Craft Box) will be going thrift store shopping with me this weekend!  Can’t wait!!