Orange County Fair time!

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My husband and I decided to take my girls to the OC Fair on Sunday since it was the last day. It was a fun day for everyone! We don’t do all the stuff at the fair that you usually do though. Since both of the girls are a little young still, we just hit up the animal barns and went through the crafting/art building (big surprise there huh!). We did play a couple of the games and won some stuff for the girls.

So, this morning we packed up the van and headed to the fair. Their weekend promotion is if you get there before 11am you get the admission tickets for $3 a person instead of the full price of $12. Big savings so there is always a mad rush to get their in time. When we get into the parking area I always hop out of the car and get in line for the tickets while he parks the car and gets the kids together. Makes it easier to get in that way with the kids.

Whenever we go anywhere I always bring the girls some food an drinks to save some money. This time I decided to bring two cans of soda (one for me and one for my husband), little did I know that you are not allowed to bring cans into the fair so they took an ice cold can of Dr Pepper and Mello Yellow. We actually thought of running the two cans back to the car but decided against it last minute. I’ve brought cans into Disneyland before with no problems so I never even thought that I wouldn’t be able to at the Fair. Lesson learned I guess.

Once we got into the fair we sprayed everyone down with some spray sunscreen (best invention ever btw) and headed to the animal barns. The first barn had a bunch of llamas in it. All of them had been sheared previously so they looked a little silly. I even heard one lady say that they looked like poodles. Hehehe I loved looking at the piles of yarn that they had there. They had such beautiful colors and textures. Of course I was so excited by the sight of them that I forgot to take a picture to share with everyone. I mean what yarn lover would have taken the time to step back and take a photo of the yarn when they could be touching the fabulous fibers instead!

They also had some goats, pigs and a turkey in that barn and the second one. They had a bunch of fainting goats that were head butting each other but alas they did not faint. I have always wanted to see that happen in person. Nothing is funnier then watching a goat run through a field and all of a sudden go stiff and fall to the ground. Then proceed to get up and walk away like nothing happened! Hahaha

The last barn in that row had a bunch of dromedary camels. The girls weren’t to impressed with those since we see them at the Santa Ana Zoo all the time. But I still think they are fun to watch move around and eat.

Yes, that is my husband’s shoulder. Shhh don’t tell him.

The last barn in this area was the Budweiser Clydesdales! I just love looking at these hugely massive horsesĀ  and the long hair around their ankles. They are such gorgeous animals, probably my favorite ones to see at the fair. All the girls kept talking about was how big they were.

We left this area to go to the Centennial Farm which was basically on the other side of the fair. While we were on the way there we saw some awesome metal sculptures next to a BBQ pit. We were more impressed by the dragon then the knight. But they were both very cool to look at.

When we got the Centennial Farm the first thing that we saw were baby chicks! They were so cute! They also have goats, sheep and long horn cattle in that area.

At the end they had mama pigs with their babies. The first set that we came across looked to be a couple of weeks old but still snuggling up with their Mama. The middle pen had much older babies… I would say that they looked to be a couple of months old. But I have no idea, I’m not a pig expert. hehehe The last pig pen was the more exciting one! That Mama Pig was delivering babies as we were watching! When we first got there she had three little babies and then there were four! How exciting to watch such a thing!

We decided to head over to the Family Fairway after this so the girls could play a couple of games and on our way there we happened to go through the artists area. At the end of it they had a Butterfly House! Of course we had to go in there and do that! We all got our q-tips dipped in sugar water and went looking for a willing butterfly to come hang out with us. I was able to get one that let me pass the q-tip over to Peanut so she could hold it and then gave to Mushy to have a try at holding it. That one left us shortly after so I couldn’t get it to move to one of us for a photo op. The next one that I got on the q-tip just didn’t seem to want to stay on it, but Peanut got to hold it for a little while before it left. The last one that we got to hang out with us was our favorite though! This one actually went onto Mushy’s finger and boy was she excited! When I asked Peanut if she wanted it on her finger she was not having it. Hahaha Guess a q-tip is better then nothing. Mushy ran out of the butterfly house yelling “Daddy ! Daddy! I had a butterfly on my finger!!”

We decided to wrap up the day at the fair with some games. We tried to get a Despicable Me unicorn at the water gun game with no luck. We ended up getting a yellow bear at a frog fishing game for Mushy and a Molly at a balloon throwing game for Peanut though. And of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the fair without winning some goldfish! So, Nemo now has some buddies to swim with again. The girls wanted to name them but I told them that we can wait until they are here for a couple of days.

All together I think it was a fun-filled Sunday for this family!

How about you? Do you like going to the fair? If you do, what is your favorite thing at the fair?