Pattern Test for Melody’s Makings – 02

I just recently finished one of the cutest little animal projects that I have ever done! Melody’s Makings – Rustic Raccoon Hooded Cowl! This is her first hooded cowl pattern and you can clearly see that she hit the ball out of the park with this one! Can’t you just imagine a whole family of Rustic Raccoon Hooded children (and adults) walking around?! If I lived in a colder climate I would definitely make one for each of my kids and myself since the pattern is sized to fit a newborn all the way to an adult.

I love how Melody used bulky yarn for this pattern because I had the perfect Bernat Alpaca yarn to use for one of the projects colors! I also feel that using a thicker yarn means the projects go faster. So, I can easily see making more then one of these at a time (which is good since I want one for each of us)!

Another thing that I love about this pattern, is that Melody offers it in both knit and crochet! As I am sure you can tell, I did the crochet version… I have only done one knitting project so I wouldn’t feel to confident to try the knit pattern right now. But I really hope to be able to feel more comfortable with knitting so that I can take advantage of both versions of her patterns. Most of her patterns are available in both versions too!

Want the info on where to get this pattern? I am sure you do!

Knit Version: Website / Ravelry

Crochet Version: Website / Ravelry

Don’t forget to head over to her Facebook page and show her some love! She puts up a lot of great content and giveaways!

Katniss Inspired Cowl – Part Two

If you have been here awhile┬á you might remember my post about the Katniss Inspired Cowl that I was making for myself (you can see the original post by following this link: Katniss Inspired Cowl ). Well, I have finally finished it and taken pictures of it! I know! It’s been awhile (the original post was back in January of this year)! But things for yourself tend to get pushed off to the side when you have a family to take care of.

As I mentioned in the first part of this post, the pattern for this piece was created by Cogaroo Crafts. She was inspired to write this pattern by Katniss’ Cowl in the Hunger Games. I just LOVE the Hunger Games books so when I saw this pattern, I just had to make it for myself. I know, I know, I am a bit of a geek… and to be honest I am not ashamed of it. hahaha

This pattern was pretty easy to follow and put together. The cowl is made up of three pieces that you put together to create the final piece. I just LOVE the herringbone texture that the piece has and of course the yarn choice is one of my favorites too…. so soft and fluffy. Perfect for a cool fall/winter night here in California.

I wish that I could have taken a better picture of the cowl on myself… but sadly I don’t have long enough arms. hahaha If you enjoy this project then why don’t you stop over to Congaroo’s page and snag the pattern yourself! You can get it by following this link: Congaroo Crafts’ Katniss Inspired Cowl (Oh! Did I mention that the pattern is FREE!?!?!)

Pattern Test for Sew Much Love Patterns – 03

This beautiful pattern that I tested is called the Shelly Chevy Cowl. Sew Much Love Patterns did an awesome job writing it out so that even the newest crocheter can read it and follow along with out any issues! She explains each step in detail and as always has a great abbreviation key at the end of the pattern.
Yes, this pattern uses the shell stitch but don’t you worry if you don’t know how to do one. It’s basically just clusters of double crochet. She calls for a worsted weight yarn and a J10 (6mm) hook, but I am sure that this pattern can easily be whipped up using a different thickness of yarn and a different hook.
I personally feel that this pattern is one that can be used for a long time and for many projects. I don’t think cowls will ever really go out of style. Use a solid yarn or a variegated one to make more colorful. Or maybe you can add some kind of embellishment like a flower, button or bow on it to give it that special touch. The options for this pattern are endless!

I did mine using three different colors, even though the pattern does not call for it. I used Vickie Howell’s Sheep[ish] yarn in Lime[ish], Plum[ish] and Hot Pink[ish].

Shelly Cowl 01

You can find this pattern as well as many more in any of her shops!

Katniss Inspired Cowl

I just love the Hunger Game books and in turn the movies too! So, I just had to work up a super cute and cozy cowl that was inspired by the one that Katniss wore in the first movie. I found this easy pattern over at Cogaroo Crafts! This is a free crochet pattern that is made with Super Bulky yarn which makes this super fast to work up.

It’s written in three sections that you put all together. I was able to make the first part while I was watching an episode of Gold Rush. hehehe Just look at the beautiful Herringbone Texture!