Little Legwarmers

My oldest has been taking dance lessons for months now. She really loves it and is getting very into it. While she was in dance class this past week, I walked down to the dance store with my little one. I originally planned on buying her new tights since her original ones are getting a little yucky but instead we ended up buying her a new dance outfit. This one is not a traditional light pink like the one she has now. Instead if is dark purple with multicolored lace for the tutu. Of course she loves it! But that means that the pink legwarmers that I made for her original outfit just wont do anymore (like I need an excuse to make something new heheheh).

I’ve started a new pair for her this morning. The pattern that I am using is by A Crafty House. It’s a free crochet pattern that she has listed under the free pattern tab. The original leg warmers I made up myself but this time I wanted one with a ribbed top and I wanted them to be a little taller then I first made them.

So, far I have part of the band done but it’s coming a long well. I love the way the yarn looks so far. It’s Red Hearts Gumdrop in grape. What do you think?